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Emerald Essentials
The Nature
of Emeralds
As one of the first gemstones to be coveted by man, emeralds have a deep history, and very specific properties that make it a truly amazing gemstone.
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Beryl Crystals
& Chemistry
The formation of emeralds is an intricate process occurs over thousands of years and involves many different crucial elements to turn rock to gemstone.
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The 4Cs of
Judging colored gemstones can be a detailed process, and we lay it all our for you in our guide to the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat weight, and cut.
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Inclusions in
Inclusions are inherent to an emerald, but it is important to know the types of inclusions and what to expect for inclusions in a natural emerald.
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& Quality
Discover the truth behind the source and quality connection between and emerald and its origin - the myths and the realities when it comes to value.
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Fracture Filling
Emerald enhancements is a topic with a lot of confusion and we clear that all up with a discussion about many enhancements used in natural emeralds.
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Many common emerald simulants are available today, but it is important to know the difference to fully understand the quality and value of each stone.
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Learn the essential components of recognizing synthetic emeralds, as emeralds are one of the most synthesized gemstones and many terms describe them.
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Emeralds are a popular member of the beryl family, and you may be surprised to learn what other common and not-so-common gemstones are also beryls.
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