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J. Lo To Jennifer Lawrence, Emerald Cut Is On The Rise

The Allure Of The Emerald Cut

emerald cut emerald
A stunning example of an emerald cut on an emerald.

Engagement rings carry a special significance for the wearer, so it’s no wonder that over time, all types of shapes, cuts gemstones, and metals have cycled through periods of popularity and presence in fashion. But despite that, the emerald cut has managed to be a favorite for engagement rings for a very long time with its clean, classic, and timeless look and feel.

With the recent engagements of Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence – each marked by a stunning emerald cut diamond engagement ring – the emerald cut is set to make big strides in popularity once again. So let’s celebrate this fantastic cut with some interesting facts about it!

The Cut Made Especially For Emeralds

Faberge African emerald ring
An African emerald ring designed by Faberge.

The emerald cut was so named that way because it originated specifically to best cut emeralds over 400 years ago. While emeralds are a hard stone, they are prone to inclusions, natural flaws in the stone, which can make them trickier to cut while maintaining the integrity of the stone. Its distinctive “step cuts” were the gentlest with the stone and created a hall of mirror effect with the light.

The 1920s-1940s Were Huge For Emerald Cuts

Heralded as the Art Deco period in fashion, art, architecture, and design, the 1920s-1940s was an extremely popular time for the emerald cut. The sleek lines of the cut naturally lend themselves to an architectural feel. At the same time, colored gemstones were regaining popularity, so emerald-cut emeralds were used in a variety of beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Emerald Cut Is Considered The Best Diamond Cut

emerald cut diamond ring
A vintage looking three-stone emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

The emerald cut accentuates a stone’s clarity and color more than any other cut, so it becomes incredibly important that a diamond have excellent clarity and as close to colorless as possible. Because the cut’s large, open facets highlight any internal flaws and color, usually only the best quality of diamonds are selected for an emerald cut.

Also, due to the elongated cuts and play of light, the diamond appears to be larger than its carat size would suggest. And because round and princess cut diamonds catch a premium price, emerald-cut diamonds offer a wonderfully economic option that also look stunning and are extremely easy to place in any type of setting.

While emerald-cut diamonds are beautiful, we happen to agree with many others that nothing beats a spectacular emerald-cut emerald!