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How To Choose a Colored Stone Engagement Ring

Modern Engagement Rings

The trend with modern engagement rings is moving toward colored gemstones. The use of colored gemstones in engagement rings has been a long-held tradition, and now that it has become a popular contemporary choice, options are wide open. Colored gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies allow a huge degree of personalization and uniqueness for every engagement ring.

emerald diamond rings
A selection of some of our emerald and diamond ring creations.

But since you have so many unlimited options, it can start to feel overwhelming to choose or design a colored stone engagement ring. So we’ve highlighted some top ideas to consider for your ring!

Vintage Gemstone Cuts

emerald engagement ring
A modern pear-shaped emerald engagement ring.

You’ll really get the most of your colored stone when going with vintage cuts like oval, emerald, and pear-shaped. These specialized cuts can often help to enhance the vibrancy of the color of the gemstone. This also means that the gemstone cutter is choosing the cut that will best suit naturally enhancing the actual stone and not to fit a certain cut or shape.

Different Metal Colors

emerald cluster ring
A modern interpretation of a three-stone emerald cluster ring.

When working with a colored gemstone, different metal colors can make the stone extremely unique and also enhance the color of the stone. For a yellow sapphire, a setting of yellow gold can beautifully highlight the golden hues, and a pink or padparadscha sapphire set in rose gold can be a perfect pairing. Another added feature of yellow and rose gold is that they are warm tones and can add a softness to the piece.

Three-Stone Rings

emerald diamond modern ring
An emerald and diamond three-stone modern engagement ring.

In another vintage style that gained popularity in the Art Deco period, three-stone rings are a perfect setting choice for colored gemstones. In most designs, a colored stone would flanked on either side by diamonds, but a stunning choice could also be to use three colored stones, like emeralds, and set them as solitaire stones or within a diamond halo setting.

Whatever your choices, colored gemstones in engagement rings are only becoming more popular and continue to be a wonderful way to express your individual personality!